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Risk Management

The Insurancenter provides a wide range of risk management services that address the complex needs of large commercial business owners who have elected to self-fund a portion of their risk. We possess the resources necessary to handle the complex needs of a large organization and also provide top-notch service. The result is a risk management portfolio with a balance of risk retention and risk transfer to complement your company’s financial planning.

Our approach starts with your business goals and integrating your risk management program into your operations to create a more unified business plan better suited to help you in your growth and profitability objectives. By integrating your risk management program with your corporate business plan, your safety and risk infrastructure will be more capable of growing in a stable, controlled manner while supporting your business operations.

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Our integrated risk management model is designed to help you:

  • Protect your assets
  • Reduce financial losses
  • Improve operating margins
  • Contribute to economic growth
  • Reduce the risk of business interruption
  • Preserve a positive public image

We offer:

  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk control
  • Customized insurance manuals
  • Risk management seminars
  • Experience mod review
  • Advisory/consulting services
  • Risk financing options:
    • Self-insured retentions
    • Large deductible
    • Paid/incurred loss retro plan